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3am, Howard Stern on E!, coffee, cigarettes, and missing claude…

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3am, Howard Stern on E!, coffee, cigarettes, and missing claude greatly.
had a good night though. went out with rochelle, eric, miranda, micheal, and claude. we all went to bdubs, it's been a while since we've all gone. it was highly entertaining...didn't get a chance to ask miranda about assiting her this season(s) with the guard...i'd like to atleast be at the winterguard things and help with hair and makeup stuff, cause thats what i want to do as a career, so it'll give me some more experience.
so i've decided, if i were skinnier, had bigger boobs and was hot, i'd totally want to be a playboy bunny, haha. just so i can have alot of money, and look hot always. lol. yea, far over my head, but i can wish. plus, i dont think playboy is slutty or anything, it's more of a classy nude thing than anything. . . hahaha anyways!

i miss claude. he's got a job interview tomorrow at dicks, so thats exciting...what else...i love him. and i can't wait to be with him forever! <3 woo

love you baby
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