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So, I've been pretty swell lately. I start school at the Paul Mitchell academy next monday at 5pm! So here in a few months, i'll start to need guinea pigs, so line on up ladies and gents!
My best friend just had her baby on aug. 2nd about 6AM, and i honestly feel like she's my niece or something, thats how im going to think of it. i love her to death already, and she's honestly the most gorgeous baby i've ever seen in my life! love you lindsay and you too Olivia Christine!
still at skyline, still pretty much hate the damn place.
my only plans tomorrow, spend the day with livvy and lindsay! woooo

here's a recent pic of me, and my latest addition!

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On August 7th, 2006 12:14 pm (UTC), tonerboner commented:
i'm in need of a hair cut and have been wanting something interesting and different, so i'm absolutely up for it. =)
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