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im the nice one, the one you should fear

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Bringing livejournal back might be an awesome decision. I'm a totally different person since I last used to post on this thing. Along came MySpace then Facebook and tumblr...
Life is cool right now. Single and living it up. My roommate is pregnant and we are getting really excited . I have an amazing son who will be three in December and a pretty rad job as well.
I am going to keep on keeping on and hope for the best. Rocking and rolling, making songs, making people laugh, and ruling at life. :)

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I've decided I am bringing livejournal back starting right now . You're welcome for the amazing posts you all are about to start reading.

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It'd be a good time for an entry...I haven't made one in a million years it seems.
I'm offically in school at the Cincinnati academy, paul mitchell. it's awesome. i've been out on the floor for a while now taking appointments and doing hair 3 days a week. it's pretty awesome being able to make money while in school....got to start saving it so i can have money to do things with...skyline isn't cutting it for me anymore. she's cut my hours tremendiously since i started school, and all i can afford to do it pay my bills which is good, but doesn't leave me much to do anything with...hmmmm what else
oh! its my 20th bday today, so thats cool i guess...10 more years and i'll be 30! hah
ummmm still with claude and loving it more everyday, he's amazing, and im sure always will be.
thats about it right now, i've got to get ready for school, study a little more and quit my damn procrastinating!!

peace, love and hair grease!

oh! to make appointments with me at school call 7697699, im there tues-thurs on the floor 5-10 at night tell them you want me to do it please! <3yall
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So, I've been pretty swell lately. I start school at the Paul Mitchell academy next monday at 5pm! So here in a few months, i'll start to need guinea pigs, so line on up ladies and gents!
My best friend just had her baby on aug. 2nd about 6AM, and i honestly feel like she's my niece or something, thats how im going to think of it. i love her to death already, and she's honestly the most gorgeous baby i've ever seen in my life! love you lindsay and you too Olivia Christine!
still at skyline, still pretty much hate the damn place.
my only plans tomorrow, spend the day with livvy and lindsay! woooo

here's a recent pic of me, and my latest addition!

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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here i am, sitting on lido beach in sarasota florida. it's amazing here. im still a little homesick, but it's good to be out of claudes grandparents house, and here on the beach instead. i love it here. i want to see if my parents will take us here sometime. i bet they'd love it. it's a really high class town though, like million dollar houses are right behind us. and i just have to walk across two lanes to get to the beach. we're on a ocean view. im buying a skinboard here soon, and me and claude will probably be out there "surfin" the rest the day, maybe..they're only like 17bucks, so why not, plus thats an awesome souvenir.
just a small update for you all before i get back. hope to see everyone soon!!
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relaxed relaxed
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So I haven't updated in a while. Not too much has changed though. Got to see Lindsay P. the other day that was pretty awesome, and much needed its been way too long. I missed you babe. Claude got a job at Cintas which is pretty awesome, minus the fact I don't see him as much as I'd like, as in quality time, but i'll get that in a few days. We're going to Florida friday night, I'm pretty excited, minus the fact I have NO money anymore. After my car payment and bills i was left froma 400 check to a 126, then my dads xmas present and claudes, and my secret santa at winterguard...a big ol 70 bucks for florida...and i had 150 saved for it, but i have to give it to claude for gas money...oh well, just means i can't really buy anythin while i'm down there...which yea, it pretty much SUCKS! Oh! Friday claude and i went shopping and he bought me the most beautiful promise ring i've ever seen...i absolutly love it. Here's a picture of it...Image hosted by Photobucket.com

GORGEOUS! i love you hunny, thank you so much, you're everything and more to me.
so thats about all thats been going on...being broke, leaving for florida broke...and loving claude more than ever...
ciao-pics from florida when i return...
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Pachelbels Canon-Bach
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just the outlines of since i've last updated-
-promoted to assistant gm at skyline..aka, not knowing when i will ever go to college, and working my ass off...yet, good pay.
-happy with claude as usual.
-got a car not sure if i let you all know yet.
-work sucks the life out of me
-i really don't see my family as much, which sucks....a lot may i add.
-im missing a lot of people right now...i miss being in school in all reality, which i never thought i would, but everyone was right i guess...rochelle , miranda, cassie, tash, tinch, kris, tara, jenny, lindsey...etc, i miss yall..though i just saw miranda and cassie and erin o last night, which may i add was the BOMB!
off to get ready for work....visit? trenton skyline..5-cls. <3

i love my claude..

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still waiting.....
: (
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I hate being pissed off or upset badly for no apparent reason...i just wish i could have some friends that want me to sleep over or what not. everyone is in college, having children, getting married...etc. I want all of that. So bad. I shouldn't have taken him home. I'm greedy. It feels good that someone wants to hang out with you all the time, then you get jealous that someone else is taking them away from you. So, here I sit at almost midnight, i don't start school tomorrow, or for a while i guess...im not getting married soon or having a child (i dont want one yet...but you should konw what i am saying) so here i sit; waiting around until i get a phone call that may not even be made...he's probably partying or something. i'll kill jordan if something bad happens to him...i will. i hate this world.

sorry im complaining.
i miss you
and life; isn't fair...

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3am, Howard Stern on E!, coffee, cigarettes, and missing claude greatly.
had a good night though. went out with rochelle, eric, miranda, micheal, and claude. we all went to bdubs, it's been a while since we've all gone. it was highly entertaining...didn't get a chance to ask miranda about assiting her this season(s) with the guard...i'd like to atleast be at the winterguard things and help with hair and makeup stuff, cause thats what i want to do as a career, so it'll give me some more experience.
so i've decided, if i were skinnier, had bigger boobs and was hot, i'd totally want to be a playboy bunny, haha. just so i can have alot of money, and look hot always. lol. yea, far over my head, but i can wish. plus, i dont think playboy is slutty or anything, it's more of a classy nude thing than anything. . . hahaha anyways!

i miss claude. he's got a job interview tomorrow at dicks, so thats exciting...what else...i love him. and i can't wait to be with him forever! <3 woo

love you baby
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